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An Award-Winning Digital Creative Agency in Malaysia

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CASE STUDIES - Digital Magazine

Restructured UX/UI friendliness & spreading positive & targeted health information across the region.

Site Development UX / UI Design Veinapps CMS

The Story

HQfirst is a healthy living resource aimed at bringing up-to-date healthcare information and trends across the healthcare industry & professional advice from experts.

We seek to inform, engage and interact with inside the world of healthcare including comprehensive insight and audiovisual contents for your better understanding & discussing the latest industry technology.



Responsive design + Customized CMS

project date

28 July 2018

Gamification Gamification Gamification Gamification Gamification

the result

For these rapidly content growing website, we created a design framework which enabled future scaling & flexible structuring. UX/UI friendliness Digital Magazine that offered great performance to further spreading the positive & targeted health information across SEA.